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Malus domestica: Strattons Surprise

Passmore, Deborah Griscom, 1840-1911
Scientific name:
Malus domestica
Common name:
Strattons Surprise
Geographic origin:
Appomattox County, Virginia, United States
Physical description:
1 art original : col. ; 17 x 25 cm.
Notes on original:
Hon. I.J. Stratton, some few years ago discovered seedling tree in his orchard, and through curiosity let it grow, which developed an apple which he is pleased to call “Stratton's Surprise.” I showed these apples to Mr. Runner who seems to be an authority on apples, and he has furnished me some franks, and requested me to send these apples to you for your inspection also. There has been a suggestion that this is perhaps a "Paradise" apple, however, it is of such excellent quality for keeping and flavor, that Mr. Runner thought well to examine them and see if you could identify it as any known variety. (No comments in Journal)
Date created:
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