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Malus domestica: York Imperial

Shull, James Marion, 1872-1948
Scientific name:
Malus domestica
Common name:
York Imperial
Geographic origin:
Winchester, Virginia, United States
Physical description:
1 art original : col. ; 19 x 24 cm.
Notes on original:
Result of spraying with neutral Bordeaux; Notes on Color Plate 208: York Imperial apple from neutral Bordeaux plot, Winchester, Va., collected August 3, 1909, M.B.W. Plate by J.M. Shull. Many of the fruits on the neutral bordeaux plot were cracked in the manner shown and all of them more or less affected with the black or brown dots. The fruits were also somewhat affected by checking of the growth of the skin on the exposed side even though this did not result in cracking.
Date created:
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