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Prunus persica: Smock

Shull, James Marion, 1872-1948
Scientific name:
Prunus persica
Common name:
Geographic origin:
Port Clinton, Ottawa County, Ohio, United States
Physical description:
1 art original : col. ; 19 x 24 cm.
Notes on original:
Chlorosis on probably Smock variety. Collected at Port Clinton, Ohio, Aug. 6, 1915 by M.B.W. This peach tree was very much yellowed throughout, the leaves being almost a lemon yellow color, with green midrib and greenish veins and veinlets. It resembles peach yellows to some extent, but was found too brightly colored. The leaves were somewhat narrowed, but many of them full width. The tree had all the symptoms of chlorosis without apparently symptoms of any other trouble. The fruit was green, scarcely half grown, but approximately normal and scarce on this tree. The region carries an abundance of lime and gypsum, there being large gypsum factories at both Port Clinton and Gypsum, near at hand. The soil is a stiff clay, often with a stiff, pasty, bluish clay subsoil. Undoubtedly a soil trouble.
Date created:
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